Player's Comments I was so excited with my "Hole-in-One" and very pleased with the quality of my plate. I display it in my office where I can enjoy it every day and am proud to share it with all my clients who ask me to "relive" that special moment! Dick Besnier When I received my plate, I went all over the neighborhood showing it. I even took if to my golf club and it was in the showcase for a week. The plate is now displayed in my home. My wife says I am just as proud of the plate, as I am for shooting a hole in one. Ronald Laign My husband surprised me with this elegant plate that I proudly display on my buffet. It is quite impressive. Christine Garrison Very attractive without being gaudy. I did not need another plaque or another trophy. The plate is neither and yet it displays a feat that I want to remember. The bottom line-I love it! Donald M. Larsen This plate is a great memento of a very special event. The workmanship is of outstanding quality. The plate makes a beautiful display. Fred Haren As you can see by the accompanying photo, this most beautiful trophy occupies a spot on my favorite reading lamp glass table, where it is seen by all who enter our family room. The polished pewter plate reflects a golden glow from the brass pole. I trust that everyone who is fortunate to make a hole-in-one will commemorate it with a present such as you offer. James T. Rose, Jr. (Jim) The U.S. Historical Society's Award is superb-When I received my handsome "trophy plate" I thought I had won a major-It really stands out on my Library Trophy shelf as one of my favorites-The fact that I now have a chance to be part of a drawing contest is just a bonus to a great memory-Thanks again. Thomas B. Boguess The pewter plate is done in a most professional manner. One is proud of achieving a "Hole in One" and I am now doubly proud to display this plate in remembrance. Thank you once again. Mike Poell The trophy plate is extremely attractive it's "display" quality. I'd recommend it to anyone wanting to commemorate a hole in one. Fred Sachs I proudly display my award plate with great pride and the envy of all my golfing friends. Paul M. Brow